The Hot Tub

Hot Tub Terms & Conditions

The Holidaymaker is reminded that guests are responsible for their own safety whilst using the hot-tub. All reasonable care must be taken and all rules/conditions must be obeyed. Failure to observe these rules may result in the hot-tub being closed immediately for safety reasons. Every effort will be made to keep the hot-tub open at all times however, as it takes 12 hours to change and reheat the water there may be occasions when it has to be closed for maintenance.

1. Any guests with health concerns MUST consult their GP before using our hot-tub. Particularly persons suffering from diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cardiovascular conditions, low/high blood pressure, circulatory problems and so on.

2. Any guests using medication MUST consult their GP before using our hot-tub, particularly medicines that are likely to cause drowsiness, affect heart rate, circulation or blood pressure.

3. Guests taking medication that can cause drowsiness (such as tranquillisers, anti-coagulants, anti-histamines and so on) MUST NOT use our hot-tub.

4. Pregnant women are advised not to use hot-tub for their own safety as well as that of their baby.

5. Any guest using our hot-tub with conditions mentioned in terms 1-4 does so at their own risk. the Owners will NOT accept any liability for any illness or injury sustained during use against this advice. If in any doubt, guests should consult their GP prior to use.

6. Children using the hot-tub must be over 10 years of age and supervised by a responsible adult at all times.


8. Please be aware that the surrounding the hot-tub can become slippery when wet, due care and attention is advised. The Owners will accept no liability for any slips, trips or falls due to the aforementioned conditions. Also, please do not jump into or out of the hot-tub.

9. Guests put NOT eat, smoke or consume alcohol whilst in the hot-tub.

10. Guests MUST NOT use glass in or around the hot-tub; plastic, shatterproof “glasses” are provided should you wish a drink outside.

11. Do NOT use any electrical equipment in or around the hot-tub, including mobile telephones. An exclusion zone of five feet is advised.

12. Before use, please carefully remove the hot-tub cover and replace it after use.

13. Guests using hot-tub MUST bathe or shower prior to use. This prevents any foreign particles or chemicals (such as deodorants or body lotions) entering the hot-tub that could upset the water chemistry. Guests also agree to ensure that NO foreign materials enter the hot-tub (such as grass and soil); this ensures that the hot-tub will be enjoyable and achieve maximum performance.

14. The hot-tub are preset to the optimal temperature of 37.5°C. Guests may find that this fluctuates slightly during periods of very warm/cold weather. Should the temperature rise above 37.5°C it is recommended that guests do not spend more than 15mins in the hot-tub at any one time.

15. Guests MUST ALWAYS check the water temperature prior to using the hot-tub, especially when children are in the party. Chemical checks and water maintenance will be carried out daily during your stay by a member of the team.

16. Guests MUST NOT allow the hot-tub water level to fall to an inch above the water filter; this can damage the pump. If there is cause for concern, please contact a member of staff on the telephone numbers provided.

17. Please do not over load the hot-tub; this may cause damage for which guests would be liable. Maximum occupancy is FIVE people.

18. Any damage cause by misuse or non-compliance with the conditions of hire WILL BE PAID FOR BY THE HOLIDAYMAKER.

19. The Hot-Tub is not available for use on the day of departure during peak periods (school holidays) to ensure that the hot-tub is drained & cleaned prior to the next arrival.

20. The Holidaymaker & all guests must read and abide by these conditions and those stated in the “Instructions for Hot-Tub Use” provided in the barn. If anything is unclear or there is cause for concern, guests should contact The Owners immediately on the numbers provided.

21. The Holidaymaker agrees to indemnify The Owners from all liabilities incurred whilst using our hot-tub during their stay.

Hot Tub Safety Document

To ensure the safe and enjoyable use of the hot tub we request that you read through and adhere to the rules of this safety document.

  • During pregnancy, soaking in hot tub may cause damage to your baby so contact your doctor for advice before entering the water.
  • Persons with heart disease, diabetes, low or high blood pressure, or any serious illness should not enter the hot tub without prior consultation with their doctor.
  • People with skin, ear, genital or other body infections, open sores, or wounds should not use the hot tub because of the possibility of spreading infection.
  • Parents are advised that the hot tubs are not suitable for children under the age of ten.
  • Parents are to warn children not to allow water in their mouths as this can cause infection and illness.
  • The heat of the hot tub water speeds up the effects of alcohol and can cause sleepiness, dizziness and unconsciousness.
  • Never use the hot tub while using or after using narcotics or other drugs that may cause sleepiness, drowsiness or raise/lower blood pressure.
  • At 39-40⁰C limit your time in the hot tub to a maximum of 20 minutes as extending this time can affect your inner organs and cause fever-like conditions. At 36-37⁰C this time can be extended up to 1 hour.
  • Shower with soap and water before and after using the hot tub. Showering before use washes away many of the common skin bacteria and removes lotions, deodorants, creams etc. which reduce the effectiveness of the spa sanitizer which disinfects the water.
  • Do not immerse your head in the hot tub water. This increases the risk of infection and can heighten the dangers of drowning due to suction below the water line.
  • Never allow children to use the spa or hot tub unsupervised and when not in use make sure the cover is on & secured.
  • Never use the hot tub alone.
  • Avoid using the hot tub immediately after a heavy meal.
  • Take care when entering and leaving the hot tub. When leaving the hot tub leg muscles may be relaxed enough to make you unsteady.
  • Avoid entering the hot tub water immediately after exercising as the water temperature can affect the heart rate.
  • Never use glass near/in the hot tubas broken glass can cause a risk to people in barefoot and is very difficult to see within the hot tub water. Please use the provided acrylic glasses near the hot tub.
  • Never overload the hot tub. The hot tub has seats for FIVE, please do not allow more than five in the hot tub at any one time.
  • Never let water in the hot tub fall below the black filter compartment. If it does please top up the hot tub using the hosepipe. The water level should always be a least 5cm above the bottom of the filter housing.
  • Take care on any flooring by the hot tub as water from the tub can cause it to be slippery.
  • Do not use any electrical appliances near/in the hot tub.
  • If any allergic reaction occurs leave the hot tub and rinse off in the shower. If the reaction persists seek medical help.
  • If any fault or damage occurs with the hot tub please contact owners at the earliest convenient moment.
  • Do not turn hot tub isolation switch off as the hot tubs power needs to be turned on to carry out the cleaning cycles
  • Ensure no contaminants i.e. bubble bath, alcohol, oils etc. are placed in the water as this can upset the chemical balance of the water and can result in allergic reactions.


Note to Parents and Hot Tub Users It is your responsibility to enforce these rules of safety for the hot tub.


IMPORTANT: If the hot tub needs to be shut down due to misuse, you will incur a £50 charge to refill it.